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Whether you’re looking for a commercial electrician for your small company or a contractor for a large corporation, it’s essential that you find the right commercial electrical contractors to accommodate your all-important business. Here at Premier Group, we understand the significance of lighting, security systems and all of the electrical resources that keep hotels, care homes, restaurants and offices functioning properly. 

If you’re moving into a new space, you will most likely be looking for commercial fit out contractors to make sure that you have all of the interior facilities that help you with day-to-day tasks. This often includes the work of commercial electricians who have the expertise to install electrical systems on a large scale. 

If your facilities are outdated or you are completing a rebrand (how exciting!), you may need to hire contractors for your commercial refurbishment. This way, you can make sure that your sparkling new business is a light, fresh space with the safe electrical fittings we all need. Or perhaps if you’re a restaurant or hotel, your commercial refurbishment contractors will help you to create ambience with dimmer switches, mood lighting or boutique electrical features.

Finding the right contractors and electricians for a commercial office refurbishment is also a really important step for many companies. A commercial renovation contractor can help you to boost your team’s morale as a new interior office space can breathe new life into the workplace, they can also make meetings and communication quicker, simpler and safer with the correct installations. After all, lighting helps us to avoid headaches and complete our work to the best of our ability. 

Don’t forget – technology has never been more important. Computers, chargers and all of the accessories that help us to type, read, write and create need to fit into a room properly and work reliably. A general contractor for commercial construction can support you and your colleagues by making sure that you have all of the electrical installations needed to excel at your job. 

Whatever the brief, a commercial contractor and electricians can help you make those oh-so vital electrical decisions to shape your customers’ experience and improve your work environment. Be it in the hospitality sector, education sector or even the health sector, we have years of experience as a commercial contractor and we know exactly what a reliable commercial electrician looks like.

Our experience as commercial electrical contractors

Not only do we act as a commercial lighting contractor, installing brilliant lights for large projects with ease, but we also serve as a commercial electrical company – ensuring all electrical components of your work space are built to last. 

As a commercial electrical company, we have witnessed incredible transformations. One of our most recent projects was a full refurbishment of the Doubletree Hilton Islington. During this time, our role as commercial refurbishment contractors meant that we were in charge of fitting-out more than 250 bedrooms & bathrooms, suites, corridors, lifts, lobby areas and the first bedrooms to include “Five Feet to Fitness” within the UK.

From the perspective of a commercial electrician, this task included many intricate tasks that would have a massive impact on the experience of the hotel’s visitors. From bedroom lights to the new technology helping the company’s brand-new fitness scheme, the task was ginormous. But we enjoyed every second of making sure that the guests who stayed at the hotel would be able to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep thanks to professionally-fitted facilities. And obviously, as professional commercial electrical contractors, we finished the refurbishment on time and on budget. 

Another of our recent projects was a full electrical fit out of Deliveroo’s 50,000 sq ft office in the heart of London. This commercial office refurbishment was no mean feat, but it was a whole lot of fun! Not only did we install the perfect lighting and electrical equipment in their event/meeting areas, but we also got to factor in their purpose built football pitch and panoramic views of the River Thames into our design – making sure they were fully appreciated and ready-to-enjoy. Being a commercial renovation contractor, not only can make sure our clients’ practical needs are sorted, but we can also help their creative visions come true.

Making crucial electrical decisions for your unique business may seem a daunting task, but our professional team is here to help. From disrupted power supplies, to other electrical faults, we have acted as expert commercial electricians on numerous tasks and we understand that these problems can be costly for you – so we do everything we can to repair them quickly, whilst also offering the highest quality service.