General contracting in the UK

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If you are planning a construction project or are looking for building solutions, then general contractors can help you complete the job. General contracting involves the searching for and hiring of the very best subcontractors in the world of construction, although here at Premier Group it is most often possible to complete projects using our in-house team. This could include a specialist contractor for areas of a job such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning or painting.

So, no matter what design you are looking to make a reality, general contractors in construction can find you the most qualified, reliable and skilled people to make it happen.

Let’s say you are a care home that needs refurbishment due to outdated facilities. General contracting will provide you with dependable workers to repair, replace and install any system, appliance or furniture that is past its best. This is so important when it comes to a building that many people will call home for years to come. The best professionals will know how to complete the job on budget and on time, whilst also being respectful of the residents that live there – and general contracting is the way to find them.

Building solutions could also benefit hotels, restaurants and other leisure facilities that are looking to be constructed or need sprucing-up. After all, a well-functioning, aesthetically-pleasing building will entice customers and encourage repeat business. General contracting will make this a reality with the help of specialists in their field.

If you are looking to build brand new offices, a specialist contractor will know exactly who to call to install the best lighting, technology and plumbing so that the building is ready to be used by your valued staff and perfectly represents your unique brand. 

Equally, building solutions can help you to construct new homes and general contracting is one of the best methods of making sure they are comfortable, sought-after properties. General contractors in construction will oversee the building project to make sure that all of the necessary and any additional features are installed in an efficient, reliable and safe manner so you can save on time, money and stress.

Our experience in general contracting

Here at Premier Group, we have overseen many fascinating construction projects and we have years of experience in building solutions. We know exactly how to find the right people to make your construction hassle-free and we understand how important it is for our customers that we get this right.

One of our most recent projects included the installation of an “open lobby scheme” to the reception, bar and restaurant of the Holiday Inn Express in Portsmouth. This new design meant that we had to refurbish the areas’ interior design, as well as make sure that everything functioned properly. As you can imagine, this included the fitting of facilities such as cooking equipment, lighting, plumbing and durable furniture, to name a few. Each job needed to be carried out by the best of the business, so this is where our expertise in general contracting came into play. We made sure that the best people were on the job so that the project was finished in under 3 months, and if we do say so ourselves, we’d now love to spend the night there!

We also worked on an interesting project for the Holiday Inn in Lancaster. Following the catastrophe from storm Desmond, we carried out a full refurbishment and fit out of the hotel. This project included a lot of repair work, and needed to be completed quickly, safely and expertly. We provided the relevant workers to make this a reality and managed to get the hotel back on its feet and thriving after just 3 months of building solutions. 

Whatever building solutions you are in search of, we can act as general contractors in construction to make sure that the project runs safely, smoothly and efficiently and you have the right people building your new establishment.