Fit out works company

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If you’re looking to install or update the facilities and design of your building, a fit out company can help you to create the perfect space. Whether you’re a big company or a small independent shop, fit out works can help you to improve business, boost team morale and match your interiors to your style, brand and day-to-day needs. 

Let’s say you’re looking to organise a commercial fit out for a brand new shop. Not only will you want the space to look appealing so that customers want to visit, but you will also want it to function properly. This is where the work of a fit out company comes in. Not only will a fit out contractor design, plan and organise your project, but they will also oversee the installation of reliable materials, appliances and systems so that you can use your location for years to come. 

A fit out company can also help with an office fit out. If you’ve hired extra team members or have moved offices, you may need to fit out a new space so that it reflects the requirements and goals of your company. Office fit out companies can ensure that your work space is the ideal place to achieve amazing things by making sure you get the correct facilities, ergonomic design and lighting installed.

If you have outdated facilities or you need to get more out of a space, interior fit out companies can also support you with your office refurbishment. They can take care of any electrical system, floor plan or interior design to invigorate your existing space and give it a new breath of life. 

An interior fit out can be an important part of business in many sectors – not just in hospitality and office-work, but also in the entertainment, education, health and housing sectors. Cinemas, schools, hospitals and residential flats all need to be fitted out ready to be used by staff, customers and guests, so why not make sure it is done to a high, professional standard?

Our experience as a fit our works company

Here at Premier Group, we have years of experience when it comes to fit out works and we have exceptional standards to maintain. We have worked closely with large hotel chains, care homes and individual residential properties, to make sure that our clients’ dream spaces become a reality.

In fact, we are passionate about the fit out works we do, as not only are we enabling the hard work of well-recognised businesses, but we also really see the difference it makes to team morale. A new interior space can be really inspiring and refreshing for staff – after all, an office can be like a second home – so why not make it a great place to be in?

This is what we learnt when we fit out Deliveroo’s new 50,000 sq ft River Building situated in the heart of London. The space includes event/meeting areas, a purpose built football pitch and panoramic views of the River Thames – but none of it would work without the hard work of our electrical fit out contractor team. Not only did they ensure that the wiring of the office was reliable, efficient and safe, but they also created bespoke lighting features to make the place really feel like it belonged to the company. This project was also completed on time (in under 4 months), on budget and on brand. 

One of our other recent fit out works was a full care home refurbishment. This project was really important to us, after all, we wanted to make sure that the interior fit out would work well for the elderly people that lived there. We also needed to make sure it was an aesthetically-pleasing place to socialise, relax and reside. By going the extra mile and implementing a phased staging to the project, we completed the job on time and with minimal disruption to the site residents.

So, no matter what fit out works you are looking to achieve, we can help you. We will adapt to your individual requirements and preferences so that you love your new space and can use it for years to come.

Whatever building solutions you are in search of, we can act as general contractors in construction to make sure that the project runs safely, smoothly and efficiently and you have the right people building your new establishment.