What Is A Fit Out?

The commercial fit out sector is a major part of everyday life that we all benefit from and have opinions about, without even realising it. We all love being in visually appealing rooms, and we all recognise the importance of style, comfort and functionality in interior spaces, especially when it comes to the retail, leisure and hospitality sector. These interior features are actually all down to the fit out of a building. 

So what does fit out mean?

Fit out, otherwise known as ‘interior fit out’ means making the inside of a building ready-to-use. For this to happen, features such as electrics, decoration and furniture will have to be installed so that we, as human beings, can make the most of an inside space and enjoy spending time in it. 

Take the example of a care home fit out. In order for residents to occupy the space, lighting, appliances, plumbing and furniture will all have to be installed. The interior design of the home will also need to be taken into consideration, so that it is a welcoming and attractive place to live. 

Now that we know what fit out actually means, what is fit out in construction?

In the world of construction, fit out is the term used by businesses and tenants to describe the actions of contractors, who install all of the necessary items in a room to make the space work for the people who spend their time there. This often includes a fair amount of building work as well as the work of professionals such as electricians, mechanics and plumbers. It also tends to include the work of an interior designer who helps you to style and furnish a space so that it suits your unique brand, tastes or mood. 

The fit out work of contractors is important for many successful businesses, big and small. Some companies will need to update their facilities, others will have recently expanded and be looking to adjust or change their space to accommodate new employees. Not only does a fit out boost team morale as they make spaces easier-to-use and encourage staff to feel proud of their workplace, but it also entices customers to spend time at an establishment. 

It’s also good to know that fit out contractors work with you to create your dream space. If you have thousands of ideas, you will be able to see them come to life. If you have no idea where to start, they are seasoned, creative professionals who will lead the way to your new interior space. 

What are the different types of fit out?

As mentioned previously, a fit out can sometimes include the interior design of a space. This type of fit out is called a Cat B. This is the most common type of fit out, and sometimes buildings will require a contractor to just update one area of the building with a new design scheme. 

Alternatively, a Cat A is a fit out where the basics are installed to make sure that the space works, but it does not include the interior design or furnishing of a space. It is also possible for a contractor to fit out a certain part of a building, such as the electrics.

So what is a hotel fit out?

If we consider the needs of a hotel, the role of a fit out becomes even clearer. Previously, Premier Group have worked with various Holiday Inn locations, making sure the hotel interiors fit the brand, function properly and are a great place to relax, sleep and eat. 

What does an office fit out mean?

We can probably guess what office interior fit out is by now, but just to be extra clear – an office fit out is the process of making the interior space of an office a place that you can work in. This means the installation of lighting, desks, toilets and often also kitchens. It also includes the interior design of an office, and it helps a business to feel at home, by representing their unique brand, values and needs.

Premier Group undertook the amazing project of completing a full electrical fit out of Deliveroo’s 50,000 sq ft River Building Offices situated in the heart of London. Therefore, we were in charge of making sure that all lighting, appliances and technology functioned well for the people who were working in the space. – It was an exciting project and we really enjoyed seeing their purpose built football pitch and panoramic views of the River Thames!

What does fit out mean compared to refurbishment?

One of Premier Group’s largest projects was the refurbishment and fit out of the Holiday Inn in Lancaster after it had been damaged by storm Desmond. A fit out describes the fitting-out of a new interior space, whilst refurbishment suggests that the space has already been fitted out but needs updating or re-doing. 

Here at Premier Group, we offer all types of fit out. From the large scale inner workings of buildings, to the smallest design details of a room. From updating restaurants with new design schemes, to re-wiring the electrics of a Victorian dwelling in Belgravia. We have managed to hit the brief of every client that visits, and we are here to help you, no matter how intricate the job.

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